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Silverstar & Snickerz Page

Silverstar was born October 6, 2003 at Swiss Ridge Kennels to Ginger and Dawson. When we got him (at 7 weeks), he was all black expect for a silver star on his face - hence his name. This is the only picture we have of Silverstar with his silver star.

He grew quickly, and by Christmas, at about 12 weeks, he didn’t fit in our laps anymore. This is Silverstar with his two adopted brothers.

Within weeks, the silver started to spread across his face. At 5 months, the silver on his face looks more like a silver smudge, but it was too late to change his name. This photo was taken just before his first hair cut.

By his first birthday, the silver had spread over his whole body and now he is a very unique and striking silver colour.

Silverstar’s littermate was adopted by his human brothers’ father. Diesel, who is very black, lives close by. Silverstar and Diesel get to see each other fairly often. They play differently with each other than with other dogs, which makes me think they know they are littermates. Here they are with one of their adopted brothers.

We enjoyed Silverstar so much that we decided to adopt another goldendoodle. Snickerz was born on November 14, 2004 also at Swiss Ridge Kennels, and also to Ginger and Dawson. Not a littermate, but still a full brother. This is Snickerz at 7 weeks.

The first week Silverstar pretended not to notice Snickerz. But by the second week, he could resist the sweet little pup either. This was the beginning of what is a now a great relationship.

Here they are a month or so later snuggling on the bed. They are now inseparable.

This is Snickerz at 5 months. Also just preceding his first hair cut. Except for the hair colour, he and Silverstar look identical.

Silverstar and Snickerz have lots of doodle friends that they meet at the off-leash dog park every day for a good run and wrestle. From left to right are Henri, Diesel, Snickerz, Silverstar, and Riley (also from Swiss Ridge and a half-brother). This picture was taken at a recent doodle romp in Ottawa.

Riley and Diesel spent Easter Monday with us. This is Riley and Snickerz, and Silverstar and Diesel having a big wrestling match in the living room. The house is a bit small for 4 doodles, but they had fun and didn’t break anything!