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Sasha's Page

Sasha was born on May 7, 2005. He lives with his parents Chris and Victoria in the Beaches area of Toronto, ON. He is a brilliant, enthusiastic puppy, who is loved by everyone in the neighbourhood.

Sasha at 8 weeks (12lbs)

He mastered the art of escaping the crate at almost 3 months old. We thought maybe if we locked the crate and added a black twist tie that blended with the crate he would not be able to get out. Two days later we came home from work at lunch to find him yet again passed out in front of the couch by the television.

Sasha at 3 months (24lbs)

Sasha loved going down to the beach last summer – however, his fascination with chewing on every rock in sight forced us to hold off on beach visits for a bit. Maybe he’ll be done teething by this summer.

Sasha at 5 months (approx. 40lbs)

Here’s Sasha with our cat Sam who is 4 years old. Sam made sure Sasha knew clearly who was head of the household when he arrived. They now adore each other.

Sasha at 8 months (approx. 70lbs)

The sweetest puppy ever! Everywhere we go people ask what type of dog he is and where we got him. People always tells us he looks like a giant teddy bear or a Gund® toy.