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Sampson's Page

Sampson was born August 4th 2006, on Vancouver Island B.C. His mother a golden retriever Zoie and his father a Standard poodle named Pluto, he was one of 10 puppies.  I had been researching goldendoodles and loved the idea of low to no shedding, we were so lucky to find puppies so close to home, only two hours drive away! We went to pick out a puppy when they were only three weeks old,that was just a great day! Our daughter,Maddy who was 7 at the time will never forget that exciting day! Then the waiting began.  Sampson came home at 7 weeks, he has always been such an easy puppy, he house trained almost immediately, only one accident in the house! and he slept all night right from the start, what a relief!  I was really prepared for lots of  accidents on the floor and sleepless nights.  He has become such an important part of our family, he comes everywhere with us, he loves to go hiking in the trails, loves the water, and loves to play ball, loves car rides and loves to do what ever it is we're doing as long as he can come along!  

Love and first sight

First time at the beach

My he's growing fast

At the spit with Mom

Our favourite trail

I just Love the water!

Large Lap Dog

Latest picture of Sampson, doing what he loves to do, walking the trails!

Sampson is now 16 months old and weighs 82Lbs. he is by far the best behaved dog we have ever had, he brings laughter and love into our lives on a daily basis!

Merry Christmas!

These are MY shoes aren't they?

 I Love Summer Time!

Sampson on the icy pond!

Getting reasurance from Dad

I just don't know what happened to my pond!!!

Sampson loves going for car rides


Sampson after his grooming, looking handsome!!

doing what I love to do!!

dirty doodle!!

This is what happens to a dirty doodle

Sampson with his coat on after surgery

My best friend

my heads bigger than yours!

Summer Fun!