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Roxy's Page



Our beautiful, sweet Roxy is only 5 ½ months old and already bigger than we could have imagined!! She was born on a beautiful farm about 1 hour and a half outside of Montreal, Quebec. The breeder had been breeding Goldens, Labs, Bouviers for many years and Roxy came from the first litter between his Golden Female and a breeder friend's Royal Poodle Male.

She towers over her older and significantly smaller sister Pebbles- a sweet-tempered miniature schnauzer.

We went from never ever having owned a dog to being the new, crazy `dog' owners of two puppies! Our Roxy is the latest addition. Her sweetness and easy going personality is irresistible. The more she grows the fluffier she gets-it's like living with a live teddy bear.

We went to puppy school where she picked up basic commands very easily-house breaking, however, has been a bit of a challenge! She is the thirstiest dog I have ever known and would drink a bathtub of water every day if allowed.

I could never have imagined loving a dog so much- both my children and my husband are crazy about Roxy-and Pebbles, of course. They bring so my fun and happiness to our home-even if it does get a little chaotic and messy! (Yikes)

She is so sweet and docile that if she is eating and Pebbles decides to horn in on her turf, she just lies, head down and watches, quietly waiting to be allowed to get back to eating `her' food.

Here is Roxy shortly after we brought her home

Growing cuter by the day

Roxy and my son Eli playing in the Fall leaves -
A postcard perfect shot!

proud `daddy' Eric with his two babies

Bigger and Heavier… and most of all cuddlier!

Eli with Roxy & Pebbles

Talya &  Roxy

Roxy just days ago

Updated photos from September 2007 -