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Quincy Walker's Page

Quincy at 3 months

Here are a couple  pictures of our new doodle Quincy.  Our previous dude Gryphon passed away this past September
at the age of 14 (you can see and read about him in the Canadian Doodle section- page 2, bottom row,
second from left).   He was a dear member of our family and is greatly missed.

To fill this void, we picked up Quincy in mid November from a breeder in near our home in Calgary, Alberta.  He was the
runt of the litter but we loved his chocolate and white colour and his demeanour was perfect.  Well this quite little runt is
three and a half months old and already weighs 28 lbs., getting his second teeth about a month early and is full of energy.
Where the breeder expected him to mature around 40 lbs. our vet thinks he will be 60+; well more to love.

Mike Walker
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

ps: while I am writing this, the temperature outside is -26 C

Quincy at 4 months, and growing

Quincy at one year old