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Olive's Page

Olive enjoying one of her baths after swimming at the beach

Olive was born in Fredericton, New Brunswick at Kings Doodles January 23rd, 2007.  We picked her up at the border March 16th and have been in love with her ever since.  She now resides in Downeast Maine, where she loves the snow as much as the ocean.

This is Olive at 8 weeks old with her
first toy, Mr. Crab.  He has suffered
from several amputations and the loss
of an eye, but his squeaker is still
going strong.

Right from the start she loved taking a bath.

After a long day of napping
she still has time for more

Olive had us trained to take her outside to pee very quickly and very rarely needed to remind us.  She is so smart, learning to sit and shake by 10 weeks, and soon after to play dead, lie down, speak loud and quiet, and roll over, but she excels at “Stay.”

These are a few of Olive's favorite sleeping positions…basically wherever she lands, which is usually on us.

Olive's other favorite chew toys include
sticks, pine cones and anything stinky.

Olive and Ruger chasing
 sticks in the ocean.

We are convinced she poses for pictures
15 ½ weeks

Some live action shots of the doodle and her frisbee, she kinda needs to work on her aim, but she certainly gives it her all.         

The beach is our favorite place to play.  
Olive and mom, 19 weeks.

We couldn't have asked for a smarter, sweeter dog.  She amazes us every day, and we couldn't imagine life without her.  We're excited to see how big she'll get and watch her grow into her giant paws!  We'll keep you posted J

It's FINALLY summer in Maine (it only took until the end of June/July to get here) and Olive is enjoying every minute of it.  She's had several experiences with bumble bees, spiders and jelly fish and swimming is her favorite pastime.  Whether it's the ocean, a pond or liquid cow manure (that was so gross) she will do anything to cool off.

Olive and I crossing Pleasant River to get to the Gulf Hagas trail head.

She is an amazing rock climber too!

Relaxing with her stick after a long day of hiking in the North Maine Woods.  5 ½ months.

Fluffy snuggles in the backyard

Olive was very tired after her surgery, but she bounced back and she was ready to play by the next day.  The hardest part was not letting her swim for 2 weeks!

She was so relieved when the Vet gave her the okay…and so were we J

This is her Labradoodle friend, Clifford.  He is 1 ½ yrs old and very sweet.  He convinced us that Doodles are the best buddies to have.  Olive is 6 ½ months old now and a whopping 40 lbs!  Her newest tricks are giving high-five and walking on her hind legs…she'll be taking the trash out.