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Mya's Page

Intro: After much discussion on getting a family dog, we saw Mya on the web and knew she had to be ours. Originally named "Puppy #5" (see the picture Take_me_home), her cuteness won us over and we entered the world of GoldenDoodles.

Mya lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba and was born on December 24, 2008. She came home with us on Feb 14, 2009. A Christmas Eve and Valentine's Dog, she is a wonderful gift to our family and has won our hearts over.

Mya has a fantastic personality, and loves all dogs, adults and children. Her best friend is another GoldenDoodle, Finnigan, who lives a few blocks away. She is also a rockstar traveller who loves rides in the car, and does great in motels and around big groups of people. She is also a princess in the mornin who loves to sleep in, sometimes much longer than the rest of the family.


This is the photo of Mya at 6 weeks which we saw online and just knew she had to be ours.

Take me home

Mya's first night at home with us. She was an immediate lover of stuffed animals, and settled right into life with our family.

Mya day 1

Early the next morning we introduce Mya to the important things in life...like how to make coffee.

Mya morning

Right from the start, Mya loves to snuggle

Bonding with sisters

Mya finds car rides very soothing

Car puppy

Mya's legs and muzzle start to get longer. The Poodle in her is starting to show, minus the curl.

Mya at 9 weeks

You just want to buy "Build-a-Bear" clothes for her, don't you?

Look into my eeeeeyes

Taking after her two 'human' sisters, Mya has a growing collection of stuffed toys she loves to play with, but "Horsie" is her favourite.

Loves her stuffies

Born during a Winnipeg Winter, Mya is right at home in the snow.

Snow dog

Mya is still the ultimate traveller, even at 4 months

16 weeks and loves the car

 At 5 months and sporting her now 'ever present Faux hawk', Mya loves to accompany me to the office on evenings and weekends.

at 5 months and at work

 After an epic play with her best friend Finnigan on fresh cut (and wet) grass, Mya apparently turns green.

Green Mya

Spring has arrived in Winnipeg, and at 5 months....Mya is getting much taller, and more beautiful.

Clean Mya