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Motley's Page

Motley was born in Coboconk, Ontario on Oct 21, 2004. We got him from a wonderful breeder by the name of Susan Taggart who is such a wonderful person and just loves her Goldendoodles.

He arrived at his new home in downtown Toronto just in time for Christmas but also for my birthday. The best Christmas and birthday present anyone could ask for!

Puppy Motley on Couch

Puppy Motley on Ice

He is a very happy silly Dood who just loves everything and everyone.
People on the street often stop us to comment on his unique looks and he is often described as looking like the "Fraggle Rock Dog" or a Muppet.

Laughing Motley

He loves the dog parks in Toronto but his very favorite place to be is up at the cottage in Muskoka. He spends the whole time up there with a big grin on his face and a stick to chew on is always close by.

Wet Motley Grown up

Motley on Dock