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Maza's Page


We had put our last dog, "Singa" down about a year and half prior. My youngest daughter kept telling us we needed a dog, but my heart wasn't fully ready and kept saying no. Finally I broke down and told her that if she could find a medium to large sized dog, that doesn't shed and isn't a poodle (though I like poodles), I would consider it. Two weeks later she found your website and directed me to it. After all the helpful information the website had, I narrowed down the breeder to Burkhart Kennels and contacted Lovina. As mentioned by everyone who is contact with Lovina and her family, I was very impressed with her willingness to answer many questions and, when I first visited her farm, I was also impressed with the facilities, the care and quality of dogs.

We chose the only black
goldendoodle of the litter
and brought home "Maza"
the end of August 2005.

The whole family instantly fell in love. She was easily trained and so sociable with both people and other dogs and even our cat "Lola". Since "Lola" we've adopted another cat "Lita", who actually curls up and sleeps with "Maza". Sometimes "Maza" forgets they are cats and will try to play tag and tumble with them. She is typically the friendliest dog in the park and if dogs could speak, I can almost hear the other dogs say "Here comes Maza, now we'll have some fun!"

She is fully committed to the whole family and always wants to please us. Here she is in the early months, allowing my daughter's to dress her up.
Training went extremely well. She learned to go to one spot in the backyard quite quickly, learned to ring a bell to ask to go outside and responded to all the basic commands so easily, that I kept thinking she was truly the smartest puppy around!

She is about 1 1/2 years old now. We like the look of her when she is shaggy…(here she is having fun in the snow.)

However, she does get hot and if we don't keep up with the brushing she can easily get matted. Therefore we will get her trimmed. Based on the past year. 3 times a year is enough for us and easy on her.

Here she is during the summer at a wedding - one of the hottest days. Luckily we had her trimmed beforehand.

You'll notice she has a tinge of grey in her. Both her parents were golden, but somewhere there is the recessive black gene. We believe because of the fact that both parents are golden and the black gene is recessive, the black coloring she had as a puppy won't remain and she will eventually turn grey all over.

People often stop and ask about her and I always mention that I personally believe she is one of the best breeds around. Everything I have read about this breed and specifically dogs from Burkhart kennels has come to fruition and I would highly recommend both Lovina and this breed. The combination of the golden retriever and standard poodle are just a perfect match. We are now looking at getting another dog and specifically the aussiedoodle.

Thank you for your wonderful website and allowing those of who love our dogs and this breed to share our stories.