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Loki's Page

Loki was born on Lovina’s farm on December 5, 2004. His mother is Suede, a standard poodle, and his father is Dandy a golden retriever. Loki was the only cream coloured male in his litter, his brothers were all black. We do not know who any of his littermates are. We flew out to Ontario to pick him up on January 28, 2005 when he was 8 weeks old. After a long drive and even longer flight, Loki arrived home in Vancouver BC where he lives with David and Farran.

Loki, named after the Norse God of Mischief, sometimes lives up to his name! Other times he is more “Low Key”.

First night home at
8 weeks and 10 lbs

Checking out the beach at 10 weeks old

The bigger the stick, the better for Loki (at 12 weeks)

Asleep in the water dish

Playful doodle at
13 weeks

Dirty, wet doodle

Super Loki!


4 ½ months and 28 lbs

Loki is a wonderful dog. He was easy to house train and very smart. He is in puppy classes and doing very well with his training. He is a very social dog and loves people, and other dogs of all sizes. He rolls onto his back for small dogs to play with him and can rough around with the bigger dogs. He loves to play fetch and run around at the beach. So far he does not really shed either. Loki has made a terrific addition to our family!