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Leo's Page

Leo's first day with his new mum! His dad Pluto is the big guy in the background

A belly rub while we wait for the ferry from Vancouver Island bound for our home in Vancouver…

.....but first a nap before the big ferry ride.

Stretching out in the sun at 10 weeks old.  

Bath time!

Hanging out at the office with mum. (Somebody needs a coffee!)

At 6 months Leo is growing and growing and growing!

Swimming with dad on Vancouver Island.

Getting settled with dad in our new home!!

Hanging out with his grandparents and getting spoiled with love.

Leo, mum and dad on the couch enjoying some quality relaxation.

Taking a rest after a long day on the beaches of Tofino.

At 13 months, Leo is one of the world's biggest lapdogs - and still growing!

First time in the snow on Cypress Mountain in North Vancouver!

Reaching the top with dad.

6 hours later, back at the bottom with mum!

Did somebody mention a belly rub?!

At 15 months Leo continues to be such an amazing dog! He is friendly, intelligent and wonderful with people. His parents, Emily and Toby couldn't be happier with their best friend!