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Kuma's Page

We got Kuma from Lovina in May 2009, Kuma is an F1b chocolate goldendoodle. We chose the name Kuma because it is unique and it means bear in Japanese - and Kuma looks a lot like a bear (big, hair and brown). He has made me so happy and I love having him around. Kuma likes to keep my active, I take him for runs outside and he LOVES swimming at our family's cottage as well as the famous car rides. Kuma is very high energy but he is so affectionate, I have yet to meet someone who does not love him!  When Kuma was born he was dark chocolate brown with wavy hair and dark blue eyes, his eyes changed to green by 8 weeks old when we picked him up - they are now brown, yellow and green and his hair has lightened a bit and is now very curly.  People will often stop me on the street when I am walking Kuma and ask what kind of dog he is and where I got him because he is so handsome. Kuma is so lovable and really enjoys being around his family :)

I found Burkhart kennels online and scheduled a visit to the kennel - Lovina keeps the kennel very clean and warm for the puppies in the winter. All of their dogs are very well taken care of, and it shows. Kuma is very smart, he can pick up on tricks and commands very quickly, he also learned house training pretty fast.  I would not hesitate to recommend Lovina and Joseph to anyone who is looking for a family dog that does not shed, when I am ready for a second dog I plan to go back to Burkhart kennels.

Enjoy our pictures of Kuma!

Kuma's first weekend at his new home (8 weeks old)

starting to grow

Kuma with me at the cottage (still a pup)



cottage time...

chewing on sticks

shaggy hair

shorter hair

Kuma with his backpack resting after a long walk

long legs

playing ball at the cottage