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Gryphon's Page

Doods are so great with children of all ages and sizes.  Here he is tolerating our grandson.

Gryphon is an eight year old Dood and lives in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

He is such an important part of our family especially since our kids live far away in Calgary, Alberta.  We probably do everything with him that a dog trainer would frown on as we play tug with him, he lays on the couch, he sleeps on our bed and he loves to wrestle (and win).

Gryphon is such a great dog as he has the gentle characteristics of a Golden Retriever but the strong at times independent traits of a poodle.  He is so smart with almost human like perception, can be aloof and snooty when he knows that we are going to leave him alone for a while.  You can name any toy and he knows where to go in the house to find it and he recognizes my wife as his litter mate and will drive her nuts with his demands to play and wrestle.  You better not be sitting around  with your shoes off and socks exposed as sure enough he will make ever effort to pull them off.

The one real poodle trait he has is a very loud intense bark which he does when strangers come to the house.  Should burglars try to get in the house his initial response would be to bark loudly and once he confronted them he would lick them to death.

I have forwarded a few pictures.

His favorite spot on our family room couch.

I love this couch

Don't bother me I have crashed.

Everyone loves grandma.

Do you want a kiss?

Time for a break.

I have had a rough year and a half as in the spring of 2008 I ruptured the ACL in my right hind knee and had TPLO surgery.  In the summer of 2008 I developed cellulitis and required emergency surgery and a few months after that I ruptured the ACL in my left knee and went through TTA surgery.  In the spring of 2009, I tore the meniscus in my left knee and again it had to be opened up and removed.  All through this my Alpha Male master took great care of me and help me get through months of rehab.  He used a sling to take me outside, he iced my knees 3-4 times a day, we did passive stretching exercises several times a day and he made sure I was comfortable.  He took me to a special clinic for rehab on a tread mill in a water tank and though I really didn't like water prior to this, it really helped my recovery.

I am happy to say that I am almost back to normal and able to run, jump, wrestle and play as much as I like and I can at times sit on by haunches which I wasn't able to do for several years.  We have been able to get and keep my weight down to 70 lbs. from a previous high of 85 and I am sure this makes a big difference.

As you can see from the X-ray, I have a lot of metal in me and I would love to go through an airport security check and really confuse the security people.

Life is good again

This is my best friend Miller.  He was given to my owners brother and sister-in-law by a couple that gave him upfor what ever reason.  Miller is 2 years old but I don't understand why he has wavy hair with a long tail and I am curly with a short tail.  But we are both great doods.

Come on Miller, stop making me laugh so hard.

You're not real are you?

Stop looking at me.

That's better.

Nice cat!

There you go staring at me again.