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Gingy's Page

July 7, 2008:

Gingy is our beautiful male Goldendoodle with the sweetest temperament. We could not have asked for a better family dog. We are a family of 5 and live in Summerside, PEI. There's me, Mommy (sometimes known as Jen), Daddy (Jason), and our 3 boys - Evan is 7.5, Carter 5.5, and Ty 2.5 (July/08). We had been planning to get a dog, but to wait until the kids were older. Well, life reared its head and showed us that we needed one sooner so we adopted him December 27, 2007 from King's Doodles, a wonderful breeder outside Fredericton, NB. He was almost 11 weeks old. From the second we chose him, he was a part of the family. He fits into our lifestyle like a glove! He was potty trained within weeks. He learned all his basic commands in his first month. Over the winter, I took him to several puppy socialization classes with Leah Harris (awesome coach), plus obedience school, and 1 pre-agility class, also with Leah. Gingy and I really enjoyed going class together, learning together, and bonding. He's so well behaved, eager to learn, and such a fast learner. He goes everywhere with us and loves to play. His favourite thing to do is go to the beach and is so silly, he attracts a lot of attention. I guess it's not only there, wherever we go people stop us to ask about him and they cannot believe that he's only 9 months old.

Before we get to the pictures, I have to mention his name. Everyone thinks he's a girl. He is named after one of the boys' favourite movie characters - Gingy (the GingerBread Man) from Shrek. Now that that's cleared up, here's Gingy!"

Picture of Gingy at 7 weeks at the breeder's

Gingy's Daddy - 2007

Gingy's Mom - Oct'07

1 hour after adopting Gingy. Evan and he look
like they have been friends forever!"

We ended up having to spend the night in a hotel after picking up Gingy. He was such a good boy - he never whined, he didn't make a mess in his crate. We couldn't believe how well behaved he was!

Gingy playing in the snow the day after we adopted him. He loves to stick his nose in the snow and hop through freshly fallen snow.

Gingy's 1st bath! He loves to take a bath....
he'd jump in with the boys if we let him!

Gingy playing hockey at 13 weeks.

Yes, Mom?

These 2 tease each other mercilessly. Carter will walk by him and give him a smack on the bottom, Gingy will then snatch up Carter's favourite Webkinz, and run around with it darting away when Carter tries to get it back. It is hilarious to watch them in action!

Gingy at 4 months. He loves Ty's blankets! And Ty - to find them both lying motionless on the floor, what a treat that must have been!

March 2008 - Gingy at 5 months. Wow, has he grown!

Sliding with the family - March 2008. We call him our Husky in disguise.

April 2008 - Gingy at 5 months.
Someone needs his eyes trimmed...again!

May 2008 - 6 months and about 45 lbs.
He's smiling to get his picture taken!"

What a big teddy bear!

Gingy at 7 months.  He weighed around 50lbs.

Gingy loves the water!  We collect rocks, crabs, shells
while he races up and down the beach.

8 months - Gingy with his new hair cut.  We rescheduled his cut 3 times!  We loved his beautiful long fur, but the poor thing was so hot!  Now everyone thinks he's a Greyhound!  We'll definitely be going
au naturel until May of next year.

July, 2008 - Gingy is now almost 9 months old!  It feels like we have had him forever.  He is such a great dog!   This picture is after we have come back from an afternoon at the beach.

Gingy gets very excited when we say we're going to the trailer!  
No wonder, he can run freely in fields and his selection of 2 beaches!  
It's a dog's life, as they say.

At almost 9 months, Gingy weighs 55lbs and is 26" tall.  We're curious to see how much larger he will become!  He's definitely a gentle giant.  His size scares some people, which is very funny to us.  He's so sweet and gentle that he's won over people who are scared of dogs!

10 months old

What a beautiful dog!  Our real life teddy bear!

11 months

The 3 bithday boys!  They all have birthdays within 3 days of each other!

Gingy is 1!!!!

"Can I have it, please can I have it?!?"  The boys planned a birthday party complete with a birthday run at the nature park, presents, a special supper, and party hats.  

At 1, Gingy is 28" from paw to the top of his back (excluding hair) and weighs about 60lbs.  Gingy, the gentle giant!

You aren't seeing double, Gingy made a friend that could have passed as his twin!  She was born in Maine, Gingy in NB

He loves to roll in the clay sand.  He does it so much that his fur remains tinted pink, until we bathe him!

Gingy thinks the loungers belong to him and will climb onto us to laze around the pool!

Our seasonal campground has Halloween in August.  This was Gingy's costume this year.

Happy Birthday Gingy!  He turned 2 today!  Best decision we ever made to bring him into our family.  He's such a loving, gentle dog, my 4th son!  

Taking a break after his birthday celebration.