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Finnigan's Page

Finnigan (Finni) was born quite importantly on Thanksgiving Day 2005, so that makes him almost 11 weeks.

Finnigan at 9 weeks

He has the dubious honour of keeping Mr. Dressup and the CBC alive and couldn't be more similar to that sock puppet icon after which he is named.

He's an F1B GoldenDoodle so, crossed back to poodle. His Mother, Angel, is a white standard Poodle; his Father, Kai, is a first generation Golden Doodle Black Standard Poodle X Golden Retriever.

Angel,  a white standard Poodle

Kai,  a first generation Golden Doodle

His litter was 3 boys and 3 females, of which Finnigan was born the largest and possibly most relaxed. By the time a pick him up for the ferry ride to his new home, he wasn't near the largest though I'd expect him to be lean and 26"; so a big boy. Not sure about the relaxed thing. He's very quick to learn, housebroken in 2 days and responding to sit and lie down within 1 week! Born, on Vancouver Island, in Langford, just north of Victoria, it appears he a particularly keen nose for salmon and fishy things. What a west coast boy!

Alena is his caring and experienced breeder.   Finnigan and I live one block from the beaches of Vancouver and the gracious Stanley Park in the West End of Vancouver.

Here he is at Cypress mountain, off leash, having puppy fun and collecting snowballs.

Finnigan at Cypress age 5 months. He's looking a little shocked
that he slipped and so, he "yped" at this moment.

The big suck who's fearful of docking and planks is being transported from
the Granville Island Ferry by me.

6 month portrait