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Charlie's Page

This is Charlie. He was a wedding present to us, from us. This was his very first bath, just the beginning of his love for water.

All clean and ready to explore the new house. I'm in my favourite part of the house, the backyard.

This is my most favourite sleeping spot, right next to the back door. I can sleep, while listening for the little animals that find their way into “my” yard.

I got really big….really quickly. I have having my picture taken; my mom has to bribe me with treats.

I go everywhere my mom and dad go. This is me on my way to Algonquin Park for a camping trip.

And this is me still waiting to get to Algonquin Park. It was a long, long drive.

This is me off roading with my mom and dad. I love the bumps. I bumped my head a few times, but I can't help it I love to look out the window.

I go swimming with my mom and dad every time I get a chance. I am pretty lucky, because I get to swim almost every day because we live close to the beach.

I love to play with socks. But I only like the dirty ones, not the ones that my mom gives me when she realizes there is a hole in them.

I love to relax… especially with my dad. I may be big, but I can still cuddle.

I am really big now. I am just over one year old. My birthday was in January.  I am a really good boy, except when I see a squirrel, I could chase those for hours.

I may be a big boy, but I'm still a mama's boy.