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Baloo's Page

7 weeks

Baloo is a 2 year old, 75 pound, cream colored goldendoodle who loves to be pet. He loves attention and everybody loves him!  Baloo has helped young kids and adults overpass their fear of dogs because of his gentleness and beauty.

He doesnt shed but loses alot of hair when we brush him.  To keep him looking this good we brush him every two days and the brushing lasts almost an hour, luckily Baloo is very patient and loves to be cared for.

We take Baloo everywhere we go and anywhere we are people stop to tell us how beautiful he is and to ask what kind of dog we own. Most times people are surprised to hear he's a mix of a poodle and a golden retreiver!

He loves being outdoors, being at a baseball game and socializing with the people (he's a baseball team's mascott), playing frisbee, and is not so scared of bigger animals such as horses. He likes water...as long as his feet touch the ground. Baloo isnt a great fan of swimming unless his doggy friends go too.

Baloo is a very intelligent dog, at the age of 3 months (we got him at the age of 8 weeks), he was already trained to do his buisness in the yard an nowhere else. He NEVER did in his cage!  We were very surprised but the breeder had informed us that naturally because of the way the installations are, the dogs have the instinct of doing everything in the grass. The breeder's name is Anick Lavallée, she is a french Canadian in Ste. Catherine de Hatley, Quebec.  They are NOT a PUPPY FACTORY, they have two females and two males who do not have more than a certain amount of pregnancies each. The place is very spacious and the puppies have lots of place to play outside all day long, in the winter they have a heated sortof little house for the pups where they can also on their own decide to go outside from the trap who leads to the doggy playground. Our family fell in love with this breeder!  They helped us choose a dog who would fit in our family perfectly and Baloo was just right for us, we LOVE him!!!!!

Baloo at between 1 and 2 years old