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Amber's Page

Amber at 3 months

I am pleased to introduce you to Amber our 8 month old Goldendoodle. This young lady has completed our family. She is my third child! We live in south western Ontario. It would appear from reading your website that Doodle owners are nuts about their dogs and after being privileged enough to own one it is easy to see why. All our neighbours have fallen in love with Amber and are eager to take care of her at any opportunity. Any time we are out with her, strangers come up to us already knowing the type of dog she is and admire her.

Amber was born in Fergus, Ontario and if there are any litter mates out there we would love to meet them. I believe Amber was one of 12!

Close up

“But I had such fun!”

 Amber loves the snow, goodness knows what she will do for fun in the spring.

Amber seems to think this is
her rightful place!

Amber at 8 months old