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Vegas's Page

This is Vegas, the new addition to our family.  He was born on April 13th, 2002 at Rainbow Park.  He cam home to Montreal Quebec on June 8th at the age of 8 weeks looking as adorable as can be.

During the 1st hour on the way home, he was extremely restless and would not sit still.  Well, Vegas needed a pee break, after that he slept for the four remaining hours.

At 8 weeks, on the road home from Rainbow Park.  

He seems small in the picture, but what a set of paws on him.

Once home, he spent the next few weeks, sleeping, nipping, learning and looking extremely cute as you can see (but again we are slightly biased).

At 8 weeks, having a nap.  

How can you help falling in love with such a face.

At 8 weeks, Vegas just loves sleeping on his back.

We find that face just


At 10 weeks, my vet find that I am looking like a golden retriever pup with a bad hair day.  

Others find that I look like Simba from the Lion King.  

Check out the size of those paws!

At 3 months, my parents find me as cute as ever.

I just love to lie outside when there is NO SUN and NO HEAT!

And when it's sunny and hot I just run right back in the air-conditioned house and relax on my cool ceramic tiles.  

My favorite spot.  


I will play with the water while my mommy waters the flowers.  

My favorite outdoors play.

Vegas was VERY VERY easy to train.  By 3 months he would ring the bells on the back door to be let out.  And since then we've had only 2 pee accidents.  He had also adopted pretty well the basic commands:  sit, down and stay.

By 4 months he started shake, speak, rollover, play dead and high-five.

At 4 months, taking it easy around the house.

In September, came vacation time.  We just did not have the heart to leave Vegas behind for a week, so off the 3 of us went to Kennebunkport, Maine and then to Cape Cod.  Vegas wsa terrific in the care as well as at the hotels we stayed in.  The one major problem we had was how darn cute he was.

Everyone, without exception, that was in Kennebunkport from September 3 to 6 knows what Goldendoodles are.  I must have repeated the info at leat 150 times and I am truly not exaggerating.  People would stop their cars, would take pictures of him, would follow us down the street until they could get a chance to talk to us between other people stopping us.  some storeowners would come out of their stores just to find out what kind of dog it was.

At first the attention was quite flattering -  after 3 days it became quite tiring.  And of course Vegas just LOVED all the attention.

Vegas's first vacation at the beach.

Vegas was crazy about digging many holes in the sand but not that crazy about the waves.

He would dig and dig and dig and dig until......

he would get exhausted and then....

he would go have a nap in the ocean breeze with his dad.

Vegas, at 5 months, after first trip to the groomer looking very handsome.