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Tula's Page

hi fellow doodlers,

Finally, new digital Pentax in hand, we have pics of Tula! She's now 18-weeks old, weighs 34 lbs, and is as sweet as ever. Her Latin is coming along nicely, having mastered Ancient Greek weeks ago.

Surely a much-loved pup!

What can I say?--we're completely besotted with this little dog. I want to thank each of you for your kind advice over the past several weeks. Things are so much easier now: Tula's completely housetrained (no accidents in 4 weeks), and she still hasn't chewed on anything we haven't handed to her. Everything told to us has turned out to be true.


Apologies for the rather boring poses, and for the monotonous focus on our kitchen floor. We haven't sent Tula to the Harvard School of Modeling quite yet.

Tula, now 5.5 months old, is now allowed to pose near leather furniture. She was somewhat concerned about her state of dishabille in this particular picture: it was the thick of winter, and she is desperate for a grooming session. Still, vanity prevails, and here she smiles her sweet smile.

Now at 7 mos, this poor adolescent darling looks us from her afternoon nap, feeling sorry for herself--for she senses that she will reach a time in her life when there will be more to March than napping and yawning and playing. Who knows? Maybe she'll have to do some work one day, such as keeping her food bowl clean, making sure that the livingroom rug stays in place, or making sure that no dog-treats go stale!

Here's a fine specimen of a working doodle: casting her stuffed playthings aside (see background) she strides over to the doorway and awaits the arrival of her friends. No jumping, no barking, no Latin-intoned aphorism expressing the marvels of her disposition: just sitting in her Zen-like pose, rapt with anticipation, knowing that she'll receive a treat within SECONDS!

At nine months, Tula began to develop a new species of canine ballet--now renowned through her downtown Toronto neighbourhood and the surrounding Home Counties. This particular pose, long the favourite of her French ancestors, has been newly-recovered by their talented descendent. Tula loves to practice this careful yet luxurious ballet pose, which can become rather distracting when her parents, eating at a nearby table, are trying to engage is serious discussion! We recently brought Tula along to a seminar at the university, during which she struck this pose: causing a particularly distracting bout of laughter all round!

And who said that foot massages are ever unwelcome! Katie and Tula enjoy a time-honoured pastime.

Here we have our two sleeping Princesses. Who will wake up first, from such luxurious slumber?

I think I'll become a vegetarian. Those cheeseburgers are just too full of cholestrol. After all, my first birthday is fast approaching. It's a dog's life!