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Skoki's Page

Skoki  was born February 1, 2003 - one of Lovina and Joseph Burkhart's puppies. His mother is Crystal (a beautiful 50-lb. apricot-coloured standard poodle) and his father is Dandy (a very handsome 65-lb. golden retriever).  He now resides in Calgary, Alberta.

Skoki has been a total joy to our family. He's about 95% fun, fantastic, loving and delightful, and about 5% 'hellion'. I liken him to a baby, having a 'fussy hour'. Skoki's 'fussy hour' is a 'crazy hour' - always in the early evening. He is totally goofy, and sometimes 'right out of control'. It's like someone 'spiked his drink' - mostly very funny but sometimes drives us crazy too.  We have learned to schedule long walks, major exercise & physical playtime while he works through his 'crazy hour', but sometimes, we must finally resort to using a 'time out' to settle him down (at this point in his puppyhood).  He seems relieved when we do this.

He's very smart, with a little stubborn streak when he feels like it. He's starting to get some golden retriever-like feathers on his tail now, which we find very attractive (6 months). He was very easy to house train, and loves his puppy classes.

I chose to fly to Toronto and drive to the Burkhart farm to pick up Skoki at 8 weeks of age. As a result, he loves car travel (because his first car trip was not traumatic for him as he was cuddled on my lap while my brother drove the car). The next day, Skoki was in a carry-on bag for his plane trip to Calgary. He was secure and comfortable. Consequently, Skoki loves to travel now.  In fact, he became an international traveller before 3 months of age.  "Skoki" is an Indian name, and also the name of a favourite, remote and historis lodge in the Canadian Rockies.  Our family enjoys hiking and cross country skiing there.

Skoki and his littermates with their faces all wet from nursing
(approx 4 weeks old)

Marion's first cuddle w/Skoki, age 8 weeks, at Lovina's kennel

April 2/2003
Skoki arrives home in Calgary. He was such a good puppy on the plane trip from Toronto.

Skoki at 10 weeks
- ruling his new roost

Skoki is one big snowball, after a romp in some fresh snow, late April.
He thought he was so funny - which he was!

 Skoki after his first bath and
'tidy-up' trim - 12 weeks

 "Please can I have a turn with that ball?" - Skoki playing w/his 'cousin' Bow.

 Skoki at 4 months

This is my
"Shaggy Rag Mop" look

 5 months

This is my
"Just been bathed and 'tidied up" look

5 1/2 months

Skoki w/his best puppy pal and girlfriend, Lucy, a corgi.
They play so beautifully together.

"I Love Lucy"

 Skoki loves Lucy

Skoki @ 6 months - his legs are getting long, and he weighs 45 pounds.

Skoki with 'muzzle mouth'
after drinking

Skoki & Lucy
Aug. 25, 2003

Skoki had a bath

Skoki LOVES playing
in the snow, but...., the snowballs cling to and stick to his hair like crazyglue.