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Scout's Page

Born on October 19, 2002 in Hamilton, Ontario, Scout made the long commute to Toronto without an accident in the car.

Since then, she has made up for that commute with several accidents in the house. Thankfully, with some great puppy classes and hard work she has been accident free for the past few weeks.

Here's Scout on the day we brought her home.

She weighed in at a hefty 5.3 lbs.

She loves to sleep "belly up".

 We should've made these pictures AA.

Here she is at 13 weeks. Her hair is getting more Doodle-like. She already knows sit, paw, lie down and roll over. We are currently trying to teach her how to make Vegetable tempura and rice.

Scout at

13 weeks

She loves being outside. Her favorite thing is to dig a hole and run her nose through the snow. Her least favorite thing is being dried off when she comes inside. Our least favorite thing is trying to dry her off.

Here are some new pics of Scout at 5 months old....