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Scooter's Page

Scooter was born on June 30th, 2002 at Lovina's farm, an adorable Goldendoodle whose parents are Shadow and Dandy.

He travelled to his new home in London, Ontario on August 21st to live with Steve, Vicky, Jake and Alex.

Jake and Alex getting Scooter at Lovina's farm

Scooter and the boys on his first day home

hugs all the way around

Scooter arrived just in time to help celebrate Jake's 8th birthday.

What a great party dog!

Scooter rolling around with
his new pal Chudleigh

A new friend that looks just like me...it's no wonder Bowie and I get along so well!

Scooter at 12 weeks
with his neighborhood pals

I'll be as big as Chudleigh some day!

5 months old and growing and growing and growing!!

Definitely a snowdog.....

Scooter's first winter and he just loves to eat the white stuff

All that running around outside has pooped me out...

5 months old and growing strong -

Will I still be able to fit out this door next year?