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Sadie's Page

Our baby her first day home at six weeks and change, and at about 10 weeks on the right.

Sadie lives in Ottawa with her parents, Greg and Danielle. She came to us from Puppy Love (Lisa in Newmarket) and was born to Molly (Golden Retriever) and Tiger (Apricot Standard Poodle) on November 1, 2003. At 11 weeks, she weighs in at 11 lbs.

She has been such a joy and so far, seems very bright and easy to train. Of course, we have only just begun.

The first day home –

we were in love with her from the moment we saw her.

After riding home from the breeders on (my brother) Sean’s lap for most of the way, she wouldn’t leave his side for days.

Keeping cool on the tiles in the kitchen.

She has yet to discover the incredible cooling properties inherent with playing in the snow.

Sadie’s best friend, Kobe, on their second visit.

By the third, she was tormenting him as a proper little sister (or in this case, cousin) should.

 Wanna play?

Come on, I promise not to bite! (Yeah, right)

At 10 weeks, Sadie will only climb half way up the stairs.

With coaxing, she’ll come down on her own but it takes about 10 minutes.

She will camp out under the desk while Danielle works – who does she think she is…George Costanza?