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Ripley's Page

Ripley was born on November 4, 2001 from a litter of 3 males at Lovina's farm in Ontario. He is the littermate of Prince on the U.S. page. He is now 8 weeks old and a whopping 16 pounds! Ripley lives with his 'parents' Pam and Ron and two kids, Mikaila (7) and Reuben (5) in Toronto, Ontario.
What a handsome boy!

He is a wonderful, affectionate puppy and our kids adore him. He's so plump and we all think he looks like a bear cub when he runs. Everyone he meets falls in love with his floppy looks and funny games. Today he had a wonderful time chasing dead leaves in the wind outside.

Exploring the great outdoors

What's that!

Ripley's fur is so soft it feels like rabbit fur. We love the puppy stage he's in but all wonder whether his fur texture or color will change - only time will tell! In the meantime - we're doodle-crazed and our house has been turned upside down with our newest addition.

Mikaila and Ripley

 Welcome to the family Ripley!! We're going to have a great time together!!

Yes, I receive lots of love here

Ripley at 12 weeks is still showing very little sign of poodle heritage.  Now weighing in at 25 lb, we're become certain his crate will be too small!  With any luck, he will have free run of the house before that happens.

Are you sure Bentley is my Dad?

Ripley is most definitely a male puppy and we have had quite a time teaching him who the bosses around here are - namely, all four of us!  He is learning every day and has become comfortable in the hierarchy.  Now, he has become an even more loving puppy and cuddles with us as much as he can.

Aren't I the king around here?  No?  Well, let me at least pretend.

His favorite activity is to dig (too bad the ground in my garden is not frozen this year), so we take him to the playground with the kids where he can dig up the sand to his heart's content.   Mikaila will pretend to dig a hole and Ripley will join in to complete the excavation.  She will move to a new location and he will immediately rush over.  He thinks her projects are better than his, I suppose.  Very funny to watch!

Roll a four, we go for a walk;  snake eyes, I go in my crate

Ripley's been growing and growing!!   He is now 5 1/2 months and is 63 pounds!!!! I fear a 100 lb dog!

Everyone we meet still
guesses Ripley as a pure golden retriever,

but this picture shows he is a little fuzzier and doodly after a bath

...so there must be some poodle in him somewhere!!

We still think he's gorgeous and adore him.

After shedding a puppy coat around 3-4 months or so...it seems we have a no-shed golden retriever!!
Ripley is the kindest, most gentle, sweetest dog.

He's the typical gentle giant - and we adore our 'little' guy!