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Pepper's Page

Pepper was born on December 25th, 2001, on Lovina's farm.  Her mother is "Lexus" (silver standard poodle) and her dad is "Dandy" ( golden retriever).  Her littermate on this site is "Sketch" (U.S.).  Pepper now lives with the Eadie family in Toronto, Ontario (George, Anne-Marie, Kaila, Taryn and Mitchell.)

Lovina's Kennel

Lexus Mom & 6 pups

at 3 weeks old

Feb. 16/02

Dandy (Pepper's daddy)

Lexus in corner (depressed about taking her pup!)

Pepper 3 weeks

Choosing our gentle little puppy!

Pepper weighed 9.7 pounds at her first vet appointment at eight weeks old.  She is absolutely perfect!  Two days after arriving at our home she had learned "sit", "come", "down" and how to leave favorite treats in an open hand until given the "okay!" command!  She is snuggly, affectionate and playful.

Pepper 8 weeks

Relaxing in the
warm sunshine

"What a beauty!"

She has stolen our hearts ...

"I have my daddy's eyes
(when you can see them!)

...or are they my mommy's?"


Pepper loves the great white north and is the alpha dog of all sticks and leaves!!  She loves to play outdoors and she loves to retrieve balls and squeeky toys - now if we could only teach her to bring them back to us ...

"What do you mean it's
time to go in....

Throw it again -
p-l-e-a-s-e !"

"Queen of the

sticks and leaves ..."

Our children adore Pepper - and so do we!!  Welcome to our family little girl ...

Most of these pictures were taken with Pepper sporting a summer 'haircut' that allowed her to cope with the 40 degree + (celcius) temperatures we were enduring in Toronto.....

Pepper does not shed at all and so far (at 8 months old ) her fur appears to be just "shake and go"!!  She is incredibly calm, gentle and loving..... she LOVES people.

5½ months

"Can we go for a walk,


Mitch and his dog

"Pepper believes Mitch is a pup too!!"

(maybe he is!)

Taryn and her dog

(Pepper sporting a new summer cut  -  very short!!)

Kaila and her dog

(Smile for the camera girls!)

Pepper is a silver Dood!

(more beautiful every day.....)

7 months

Can you tell I'm a girl?

(look at those eyelashes!)

Loveable teddy bear!!