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Millie's Page

Meet Millie.  Millie lives with Bev, Scott, and Holly in Oakville Ontario.  Millie was born at Lovina's farm on June 30, 2002.  Her parents are Shadow (black poodle mother) and Dandy (Golden Retriever father).  There were 7 puppies in the litter - 4 black and 3 golden.

Meet Millie

3 weeks

We went to pick out
our puppy when they
were 3 weeks old.

She fit in the palm
of your hand.

7 weeks

 Millie came to live with our family on August 15, 2002.

She settled in quickly and
was used to her crate
and sleeping through the night
within a few days.

Since it was still summer, we spent a lot of time outdoors.  She enjoyed playing with her new toys and developed an early affinity with the garden!  At 8 weeks, our daughter Holly could still hold her and pick her up.

Millie in the garden

Millie & Holly

8 weeks

At 9 weeks, Millie had her first visit to the barn to see all the horses.  Holly could still pick her up, but not for long.

Millie and Holly at the barn

9 weeks

Holly and Millie are ready
for their 1st day of school

Too bad Millie can't go.  She's lonely without Holly.

10 weeks

Millie enjoyed going to see Holly's last soccer tournament of the summer.

Then a few days later she had her first bath.  But I think she enjoyed the soccer more than the bath.

Millie's first bath

11 weeks

It's picture day at school.  It's easier to take a
picture of a blonde girl
than a black dog.

3 months

Millie loves to be outside
 as much as she can.

4 months
Millie's first play in the snow at 4 months.

Millie after her first visit to the groomer.

 Nice and fluffy

Holly and Millie at 4 months.  

Too big for Holly to pick up now!

Millie at 4 months.

Finally a picture where you can see her face!

Millie loves to play every day with her friends at the park.  Bodhi (a standard poodle) is one of her friends.  He is bigger than her for now, but not for long.

Millie & Bodhi

Millie loves the snow but it loves her even more.  She likes to roll in the snow and comes out looking like a cross between Santa Claus and a polar bear.  Getting all the snow off when we get home is a nightmare.

6 months

She get her face all
covered in snow, just like a little kid all covered in spaghetti sauce.  

It's a face only a mother could love.

Millie is now 6 months old and is still as sweet natured as the day we got her.  She is very gentle and will let Holly dojust about anything to her.  She weighs about 37 pounds so we don't think (and sure hope) she won't be as gigantic as some of the other doodles we've seen and heard about.

Her coat has grown longer and varied between fluffy and wiry depending on thow recently she's been bathed or combed.  She has brown highlights in the sun.  And so far, she hasn't shed a hair.

Millie finished Grade 1 training at 5½ months at McCann's SuperDogs where she was the star of her class (well, most of the time.)  Grade 2 is next and then, who knows.  Holly has visions of agility training and Millie has already got a love for jumping....  We'll see....

Millie loves to be outside, especially since summer ended (she was always looking for shade when it was hot.)  We go for an 1½ hour tramp in the woods and play in the park every morning, no matter what the weather.  But as soon as we get home, she goes immediately to the back door to ask to go back out.  I think I've created a monster!  On the other hand, she's a pleasure in the house  -  too tired to get into trouble I guess.

We love Millie very much and she's definitely popular around our neighbourhood.