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Mabel's Page

Mabel was born June 4, 2001 and lives with Kathy and Chuck in St. Catharines, Ontario.

such a sweet little girl...

I actually surprised my husband when I walked into the house carrying our Mabel.  He had no idea that I would buy a dog!  Why would he?  We had discussed it and both agreed that having a puppy at this time in our life was not a wise decision.  

However, I had wanted a dog for years and after watching our friend's doodle, "Chewy", grow up I knew that I would love a doodle for myself. On a whim my girlfriend & I went shopping and we "happened" to walk into the pet store at the mall and wouldn't you know it there was one golden doodle there - and she was HALF PRICE!

 After meeting her, I knew I had to have her.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and of course my husband loves her as much as I do.  That's how and why we got Mabel.

at the park

checking out the big dogs

Mabel does not shed.  She has settled in amazingly well.  She is a very calm puppy that loves our attention and socializing with other dogs.

playing in the backyard