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Lucia's Page

She was born November 28th 2002 to Blossom a female golden retriever & Bentley the standard poodle at Lovinia & Joseph Burkart’s farm in Wallenstein Ontario. The proud parents (Janet & Alastair) picked Lucia out in early January and brought her home to Etobicoke on the 18th of January  a cute & timid little ball of white fur weighing in at perhaps 8 lbs.

It didn’t take long for her to settle in and relax.

There were of course a few sleepless nights for the new parents, but remarkably few little accidents and she has grown by leaps and bounds.

By week 11 ( 11lbs +) she was busy exploring everything, had reached a general understanding with the cat about who was the boss (at least for now)

Oh and we finally solved the mystery of why the expensive stainless steel water bowl remained un-used!

Week 12 & 14lbs - Lucia now sleeps the whole night in her crate, and loves the periodic visits from her indirect cousin Findlay – who is remarkably tolerant of the little pup who considers him an outsized chew toy!

Lucia has already been corresponding with Maggie – one of her littermates and has her own E-mail address lucia@mosaicim.com if anyone else wants to say hello.

May 2003 - Lucia is now 5 months old and got her first taste of spring, and cottage life.