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Lucas' Page

Lucas was born at Lovina's on September 10th, 2001, and now lives with Greg, Laura and Alex in Mississauga.

Alex and Lucas

Look at the tail wagging already!
Lucas is now 13 weeks and mostly house-trained.  He was even good enough to be allowed in the living room as we decorated the Christmas tree last night!

an active puppy

He is wonderfully playful, yet doesn't spook at anything, so he is even safe with the 2-year old boy next door, except for a tendency to jump up when he's really excited.  (It wasn't a problem when he was only 7 weeks, but he's quickly turning into a heavyweight!)  He even (mostly) stays out of the garden, although he still needs a reminder now and then.

bathtime for a
baby boy

Lucas weighed in at 20 lbs. at his last vet appt. at 12 weeks old, and I swear he's at least 25 lbs. already!  His huge paws, ("plates of meat for feet" as Laura says), indicate what a big boy he'll be when he's fully grown.  He's just learned how to go up & down the stairs this weekend.  It means we can let him out the back door by himself in the morning now, (our house is a basement walkout so the "ground floor" is the second story at the back), but it also means we have to keep more of an eye on him and puppy-proof the rest of the house!

Lucas at 13 weeks

....training time

All our neighbours love Lucas, and several friends and acquaintances have asked for Lovina's number.  Everyone loves the idea of a Retriever that doesn't shed!  Laura, who is mildly allergic to dogs, (much more so with cats), has had no problems whatsoever.

Too cute!

Lucas has his own website - come visit and see lots more pics and some videos, as well!