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Gwen's Page

We have just got ourselves a new addition to our family!!!......A Goldendoodle! She is 4 months old and we have had her for 5 days and we love her so much!!! Her name is Gwen (a good Welsh name as we are from Wales! Been here for 3 months)

Gwen was born Nov2001 and unfortunately we don't know anything about her siblings, although Sian is going to try and find out.  Persil is growing to like her, he likes his own space and she always likes to be in it as well?

They sleep together next to the fire when we are watching the box, so I am sure before long we will get one of those doggie ying and yang photo's!!!?

"I have SUPER energy!!"

"I love sticking my face into anything I can? but chewing on leaves and twigs is my Fav!!!"

"I wouldn't exactly say I have been GOLDEN!?"
"I love my Little Daddy Persil"

"Its hard work training a "DOODLE"

"The beginning of my modelling portfolio"