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Farley's Page

Farley was born on Sept. 20th, 2001 on Lovina's farm.  His mom is Rose (Sunshine's daughter) and his dad is...who else...Bentley.  Farley has happily moved in with the D'Alesio family in Ontario.  

Farley started his life at Lovina's Farms......

baby boy...

His human family members are in love with him and his Siamese Feline siblings are keeping their distance (although Farley was wagging his tail quickly when he was introduced to Mr. Jones)  Hopefully,  they will grow to love him too!

Farley's new siblings!

I may be smaller than you now......

Farley is SOOO!!! easy going it is unreal. He loves his crate, he doesn't cry when he is put in there , even at our dinner time when he can hear us. He loves to run and play outside but is incredibly relaxed in the house.  He has a VERY wavy coat, and doesn't appear to shed (so far).

Home at last!

Farley is a Great! family dog, Goldendoodles are awesome!