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Dunany's Page

Dunany was born on November 21, 2001, to parents Petunia and the ever studly Bentley.

Dunany lives in Toronto, Canada with his new parents Graham and Sonal.  Because his new Mum n' Dad both work, Dunany receives visits from his friend Marie twice a day during the week (Mum n' Dad are eternally thankful Marie was referred to them).  Marie also took the digital photos of Dunany here on this page.

Dunany is full of energy, and the leaves, sticks, and bushes in the back yard bear the brunt of his energies.

Woe be to the unsuspecting leaf that should cross his path in the yard.

While Dunany's attempts to be the alpha of the house have failed, he is the boss of his stuffed animals, which he reminds them daily!

Master of his domain

We look forward to sharing pics of our pup as he grows and matures.

Beware the beast!

well...perhaps not 'beast'

Beware the muffin!


Here are some new pictures of our Dunany Dood. Some at home, and some at High Park.
A couple of the at play pictures may be a bit too blurry  ... those are attached to show he is no longer a fluffy chicken.

getting bigger!

oops....too close

got me a stick!

oh ya

Pictures from High Park April 2002-

Funny enough, for a guy who was scared out of his wits by other dogs originally, his two best buds are a pitbull and a GSD. Go figure!

Dunany chasing CJ

Dunany chasing Miss Pie