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Dugan's Page

This is Dugan. He was born Sept 26, 2002 and comes from Rainbow Park. Dugan lives in Ingersoll, Ontario with Tara, Andy and his human siblings.

Dugan 8 weeks

This is me on my first day in my new home. I am 7 weeks, 2 days old and weigh 9 lbs. Aren't I just soo cute.

Dugan 9 weeks

This is me and my big brother Murphy. He will always be older but he won't always be bigger. I am just
8 1/2 weeks here and 10.5 lbs.


I am a direct descendent of Nanook of the North. I love snow and I never want to go in the house. It's so much fun out here.

P.S. I'm only 10 weeks old and I am fully housetrained. Probably because I love it outside so much.

Dugan 11 weeks

I am King of the couch and Master of all pillows. I am a hefty 17 lbs here and starting to get very curly on my chest, legs and back. My muzzle is turning a lighter colour too.

 I'm starting to look very doodly.

Dugan is waiting for his present on Christmas morning. He's sure he's been a good doodle. He is 13 weeks and 21 lbs here.

Looking very guilty in this pic as he licks his chops after eating a stray candy from Samantha's Christmas stocking in her bedroom.

He's 23 lbs at 14 weeks and getting curlier by the day. I can't wait to get that outer 1 inch of fuzz trimmed off to show off those beautiful kinky curls underneath. Soon.

This is Dugan and his best buddy Murphy (who he outgrew really quickly) just having a nap together.

Dugan is 4 months and 32 lbs here.

Dugan is doing well in obedience class. This is a picture of him sitting pretty waiting for a treat from Samantha

Yet another pic of Dugan looking like the abonimable (SP?) snowdoodle.

He absolutely loves the snow and being outside.

Can a doodle look any more pleased with himself? He is so proud that he can finally make it onto the bed. Of course it helps that poor short Murphy can't. I'm not sure if that is Dugan's happy look or gloating look.

Doodles Rock!! more pics to come as Dugan grows.....an grows...