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Dexter's Page

Dexter lives with the Peacock family in Barrie, Ontario.  He was born on September  10th at Lovina's farm.  His mom is Daffodil and his dad,  Bentley the stud (literally and figuratively). His littermate Deejay also has his own page.

Dexter's so tired after that long drive home.

This boot isn't as soft as a brother but it will have to do.

Who would have thought a dog could bring so much pleasure.  Mark  has allergies and asthma and didn't think we'd ever be able to have a dog since  most non shedding dogs are smaller (We prefer larger dogs).  Well this guy fits the bill perfectly.

This deck sure looks high.

How am I going to get my whole body up there?

He's got a great personality and I think he's going to be big all right.

He's bonding with his buddy Graydon while preparing the pumpkin for Halloween.

At 3 months and 20 pounds he's starting to look like a big boy.

Get a look at the size of his paws.

Handsome boy

8 months old

Man, do I need a haircut

Look at my new do

The dog days of summer

9 months