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Deejay's Page

Deejay lives with the Vivian & Derek and their family in Burlington, Ontario.  He was born on Lovina's farm  -  very light and very big and very, very curly.   His name Deejay stands for Daffy Junior, after his mother Daffodil.  His littermate Dexter has his own page.

Deejay is growing like a weed, 10 weeks old today! If he could fit on the scale, I'd weigh him, but you can't get all paws on at once and he's going to the vet on Friday for his next shot so we'll get an accurate weight then.

I can't believe he housetrained so quickly. He has not had any accidents in over a week and was mostly housetrained by then. We never did get organised enough to get a bell, but he just barks at the back door when he wants to go out.

Double trouble.
Christmas came early for
Claire and Deejay.

He's a bit nippy, as I am reading most Doodles (or other pups as I recall) are. Claire, 15 months, gives him a run for his money though. He does nip at her a fair bit, but she tends to grab his nose and hang on so they are learning each other's limits.

We had a dog trainer come to our house to help with a few pointers so my kids could help out with some of his training. The trainer felt Deejay was a bit over confident (okay isn't that a good thing??) and needed a bit of reinforcing the hierarchy lessons. I must admit, Deejay does seem a lot calmer and we've toned down any rough play.

Our new baby,

7 weeks old

check out the
one pink toe!

He's learned some basic commands, he walks on a leash (badly) and he's getting more and more affectionate every day. He's also learned how to nose the cupboard door open (I think Claire showed him how) and gets at the garbage or the cat food quite a bit. Claire has learned how to fill Deejay's water bowl with dry dog food and then dump the whole lot over. It does get a wee bit hairy at times.

We bring Deejay to the arenas with us and he causes quite a stir.  We are having a bit of trouble with the crate. Deejay HATES his crate and screams alot when he gets put in. He's hardly in it during tbe day as I'm at home and I never give in when he goes in at night, but he's persisting over 3 weeks now and I'm ready to pack the crate in.

9 weeks old and more beautiful every day

I'm forwarding you some new pics of Deejay taken this week, almost 8 months old. He's a real Sunny descendent as you can see. He's only about 60 lbs. now, but really skinny. People guess he's a lot heavier than he is.

He's got the shaggy look, no haircuts here, just topsy turvy "wolfhound" fur.

He's still quite rambuncious, a master at escaping out of the front door and tearing down the street, Derek or I in tow clicking madly with the clicker yelling "treats", but he just bows when we get close, laughs, and bolts. He has free roam of the house when we're out and still hasn't chewed anything up but he is the king of all counter surfers.

He also opens cupboard doors. Our kitchen looks like a fortress when we go out. He has learned to open the breadbox so we have to jam it shut with the coffeemaker and the highchair is up against the pantry door. Just when you think you've covered all bases, he got cherry cough drops from the desk. There are little red candy slivers imbedded in my cream carpet (and no, Oxyclean does not remove cough drop stains)!!

king of all counter surfers

Other than that, he's pretty great with the kids and still attracts attention wherever we go. Everybody guesses Irish Wolfhound mix.

Happy Birthday to Deejay. Still shaggy but not for long cause the mats are getting the best of me.

The day after Deejay's first birthday, we had to get him scalped! A totally different dog.

The family's divided on who prefers what look! I love the fact that he doesn't get as muddy!

This is Deejay and his boss our female Alpha dog, Gracie