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Dawson & Quincy's Page

"Little" baby Dawson,  was born on Sept 20, 2001on Lovina's farm. His parents are Rose and Bentley and he is very large. Currently, he weighs 72 pounds at 7 months. Ironically enough, his sister Ginger lives on the same street as we do in the country side of Ottawa and she is about half his size.

Handsome boy

We are absolutely thrilled with Dawson and being previous German Shepard lovers, we can't imagine any other type of dog other than a Doodle in the future years.

hope you're feeling better...

On another note, because Dawson grew so quickly, he unfortunately was predisposed to a genetic condition.

He has just had surgery on his right shoulder to correct the condition, and is expected to recover fully. We haven't notified Lovina yet, but will do so.  I've included a Web link as a reference.

Update - February 2003

Regarding his agility, he plays like any other Dood without any problem.   He loves to be chased especially and actually requires at least three good runs each day to expel his energy.

We will have a new addition to add to the site come April, as Dawson's parents Rose and Bentley are expecting this month and Dawson will have a new brother or sister.

P.S. Dawson is now 16 months old and weight 100 pounds...

Our 9 month old is so in love with him and he is amazing, he takes all of her abuse..

We are the proud owners of Dawson, now two years old and Quincy, who is seven months old.
Quincy is so cute and 3/4 brother to Dawson, and both are from the best breeder I know of, Lovina.

Quincy was born on April 17, 2003 and comes from a litter of 11 puppies. He was house trained in three days and simply adores his "big" brother Dawson. Like most Doodles, he is smart, friendly and very affectionate.

the day we picked him up at
7 weeks old

7 months old