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Daisy's Page

We welcomed Daisy to our family on Feb 13th, 2003. We adopted her, it's a real long story suffice to say we were ecstatic on her arrival!

Daisy was born at Lovina's on March 28th, 2001. We are not sure who her parents are as the paperwork we got with Daisy did not indicate who her parents were. We have tried to find out who her Bro's & Sis's are but no luck yet, hopefully soon.

We live in Ottawa and Daisy shares our home with Dusty (a 16 year old Walker Hound) & Deadalis (a 15 year old mixed hound), and now really seems to enjoy her "bunk mates".

She does shed a bit more than we were led to believe but nobody has had an allergic reaction to her (my brother is highly allergic to dogs, and he's fine. (Dusty & Dead nearly kill him if he stays inside with them too long.)

Daisy protecting the entrance to the kitchen

About Daisy:

She's loving obedient (90% of the time), she has selective hearing about 10% of the time. She is a constant companion as she stays with us whenever possible (sometimes get a bit awkward at times, read bath time here). We sometimes have a hard time getting her to go outside as she suffers from "chicken little" syndrome (she saw a hot air balloon and freaked out and has since looked up as soon as she steps out of the house, if she sees a shadow she's into reverse and back into the house! Once out she's full of energy when off lead, but calm and obedient when walked on lead.

Meaghan & Daisy getting in some Trick or Treating practice.

Daisy wondering how to turn this into a pie!