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Clancy's Page

Clancy was born on Lovina's farm in September 2001. His parents are Marigold and Bentley.  He lives with Susan, Megan & Roy in Oakville, Ontario

He's a year old now and we're hoping he's stopped growing, but the vet seems to think he's still got a little way to go. He's 80 lbs. at the moment.. a very big boy and very handsome!

Clancy with his favorite blanket!
He drags it around everywhere.

Clancy on our bed. He's not supposed to be up on the bed... but we do catch him up there occasionally!! Looks like he's been caught in the act!!

Megan and Clancy, with Lucy

Taken at Lovina's, when the family went to choose their Dood.

We had a wonderful first day with Clancy! What a treat he is! He had lots of adoring visitors yesterday for his welcome home and was quite taken with all the excitement. He was quite pooped with all the goings-on in his new home and slept most of the day and we were worried that when it came to bed time he would be raring to go. But he went to bed at 10 and woke at 4:30. Roy took him out to do his "business" and he went back to bed and slept till 8 this morning! What a good boy!

Anyhow, we are just thrilled and have taken lots of pictures. He has the cutest face!   When we took him from Lovina's all his littermates came to the front of the kennel and started crying. Megan had tears in her eyes. It was so sweet to see them all. They are so precious!

Clancy loves Megan's comforter set because I guess it reminds him of his brothers & sisters!!

In this picture he was listening to us talking. They are so cute when they turn their heads to listen!

Clancy in our backyard. He loves to run and really loves to bite all the plants in the garden.

Megan & her doodle!

We think he is just adorable! He's such a cuddly ball of fur! And quite the talk of the neighbourhood. We've had so many people stopping by because they have heard of our goldendoodle!

Megan & Clancy

wish everyone a

Merry Christmas 2001

Ho ho ho


He is the most huggable pup.

Too bad they couldn't stay little longer... I can hardly lift him up these days.

Clancy's just over 4 months old now and is so good. We went through a few difficult times with him (nipping, barking.. normal puppy things) but he is just so wonderful these days!! We love him to pieces.

The picture of him outdoors was taken yesterday in our first major snowstorm (lots of fun!) and he was looking at me as if to say ......

"Let me In!!"

He just mastered going down stairs... the picture at the top of the stairs looking down was taken before he learned how to do this! He was waiting for someone to come and bring him down!


Megan and Clancy at 4 months

Clancy is now 8 months old and 74 lbs... quite the big fellow!!

He is the most loveable dog we've ever owned.

 He does have his moments though..
as I'm sure they all do!!

Clancy relaxing on his favorite couch

Clancy enjoying Megan's birthday

Clancy (our big Toronto Maple Leaf fan)