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Chewy's Page

Chewy lives in Brampton, Ontario with Rachel & Justin. Chewy was born May 10, 2000. Her mom was a golden retriever and her dad a white standard poodle.  

This is  Chewy at three months of age, her first day in her new home.

Are you...
talking to me?....

She was 9 months old in this picture. She used to steal the bows off the Christmas decorations around the house, so we took one and tied it into her fur. She certainly was not impressed.
we are not amused

Chewy (with Dipsy)

at the Toronto Romp

Halloween at Chewy's house

...what a hoot!

Chewy and Squeek

visit Santa !

Chewy's sister GINGER

It was simply a chance accident that we ran into Chewy's sister. We often walk Chewy in this conservation area near our home, which is a popular area for owners to walk/hike with their dogs off leash. We happened to arrive at the same time as a group of people who meet every weekend to walk their dogs together.

During casual greetings we all noted that Ginger and Chewy were of the same breed and after a brief discussion on the dogs' ages, birthdays, and place of purchase we were shocked to learn they were litter mates.

Chewy and Ginger were the only two females in a litter of 5 pups. Gingers owners and been the first to purchase one of the 5 pups and interested in owning a female had eventually chosen Ginger over Chewy. (Chewy was the runt of the litter). When we eventually came upon Chewy she was the only pup left of the litter. So, Ginger was the first to find a home and Chewy the last.

Here's a few pictures of Chewy sporting this year's  Halloween costume (bride).

Squeeksat in on the one photo.

We were looking for a little tux for him but couldn't find one.

Sigh... they would have been so cute.