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Charlie Brown's Page

Charlie was born at Lisa Henderson's in Newmarket. The Brown Family brought him home on December 19th when he was 6 weeks old. This first photo Charlie Brown is with Kaity and Ryan and our lovely poodle (who passed away Feb. 21, 2003) Spooky.

Charlie, Kaity,
Ryan & Spooky

Ryan and Charlie enjoying a nice winter day...

his Charlie is 7 weeks old.

Charlie at 7 weeks

Here at 16 weeks, has learned to sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, leave it/take it , high five, whisper/speak, hold a treat in his mouth and not eat it until he is told.

He loves tricks and so do we.

Charlie on stairs - 16 weeks and cute as a button.  

He has his indoor collar on because he loves counter surfing!  His love of food is his biggest training challenge.


Charlie loves to sit on the furniture. Here he tries to disguise himself as Ryan.

Hopefully, everyone will think he is Ryan and let him sit on the black chair.

Here he is 5 months old, 24" tall and 52 lbs.

Charlie and Kaity doing what they do best, not listening to the rules....it's ok mom is taking the photo

...this photo was taken to show how big he really is. Thank goodness he is a good dog!


Can't I just have a little fun!

Charlie is 20 months old in these photos and weighs about 95 lbs and is due for a hair cut.