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Callaway's Page

Callaway was born on November 2, 2002 at Lovina's farm to Daisy (1st time mother) and Bentley. Callaway was the largest pup of the litter, and at 8 weeks is weighing in at a hefty 12 pounds. He is dark gold (almost brown in places) and very curly, which was important to us as we were looking for a non-shedding coat.

Callaway now lives in Toronto with Michelle, Peter, and our 15 month old Havanese "Indie".  

Callaway's first day at home....

in the backyard
tangled up in the hose

Playing with his favorite toy
 (so far) the Green Frog!

Enjoying one of the friendlier and more playful moments
with Indie
(who shares a sort of love hate relationship with Callaway
 on his first day).

Actually this picture may be the only loving moment of the day between them, but they are starting to get along more and more.

Well, Callaway continues to grow, and to find new things to eat. Here he is at 12 weeks looking so innocent beside his favourite eating tree, note the bare branches whose greenery somehow ends up in Cal's stomach.

All that tree eating makes Cal really tired. He likes to sleep on a towel by the door where he can watch his favourite eating tree. Here he is being woken up with a rude camera flash.

waking up

at 11 weeks

Of course there is always time for more sophisticated endeavors like a fireside chat with his best friend and mentor, Indie.

Fireside chat

But getting into trouble is still his first choice. Here is Cal's first (but likely not his last) mug shot....

11 weeks

More to come as Cal grows.....and grows..and grows.....