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Billy's Page
Billy at 11 months
We went up to visit Lovina's farm at the end of August 2002 just to put down a deposit on a pup for the summer of 2003. We were just starting a renovation on our home and didn't think it would be a good time to get a puppy. We knew there was a fairly long waiting list and we wanted a male pup that would not be too big.

But when we got there, Lovina said there was actually a puppy available. A male, and he was quite small and she expected he would be between 45 to 55 lbs. His parents are Dandy and Crystal. It was an unexpected litter for Crystal, I think. So we went into the kennel and looked at him and brought him out in the yard. He immediately cuddled up into our childrens laps and we were all hooked. So we brought him home.

Our other dog, Cassie who is a Cock-a-poo and was 1 year old was so excited about her new sibling. They get along so well. We don't know what Cassie did before she had Billy to play with. He was only 7 weeks when we brought him home but he went to the back door immediately! The renovation went ahead and he did fine.

Billy was so easy to house break.  

He went outside as soon as we brought him home at 7 weeks.

When we went to puppy school the instructors were surprised about how friendly Billy was. They said that the Golden Doodles they had seen were quite nervous around people. So perhaps having all those people in and out of the house during the renovation helped Billy adjust to being around different people.

Billy cuddling up to the 'cat' made of porceline

He is such a great dog. He just celebrated his 1 year Birthday. He was born July 12, 2002. He is a wonderful family dog. So gentle. Our kids ( ages 5 and 8) can take anything out of his mouth, cuddle up to him when he's sleeping, do anything to him and he never growls or gets upset at all. We had quite a bit of trouble finding the right food for him. He has a very delicate stomach and was sick a lot when he was a pup. But now that we've found the right food he can even tolerate treats.

Billy and the tunnel (behind) that he & Cassie loved to play in, chasing each other through it.

Billy & Cassie

(Billy at 6 months)

Both he and Cassie love to swim in our pool, which is concrete. He's a very strong swimmer.
We are all very glad that we decided to bring Billy home and not wait for the following summer. He is such a loving dog and we all just think he is amazing.

The Robinson's