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Benny's Page

Benny was born on September 2, 2002.  He lives in Thornhill Ontario with his parents Darren and Stephanie.

Benny is getting better with his crate, he even sleeps through the night!
(unfortunately he still has accidents though) And we no longer need an alarm
clock as he wakes us up every morning at 7am!

Here is the little munchkin posing for the camera...
look at those puppy dog eyes

Benny loves accessories, like this purse

Here is his first introduction to his new best friend Duke (a 10 month old
Great Dane who at the time of the picture weighed 130 pounds and will
eventually weigh 200) Duke was so excited to meet Benny that he stepped on
him by accident! But not to worry, Benny bounced right back and the two of
them are in love!

There are more pictures to come!!!

As promised, here are a few more pics with Benny's friend Duke...

Thirsty pals

Benny & Duke

and again

Steph, Darren & Benny

Here are some more recent pictures of Benny...He is now 9 months and 70 pounds. His fur has turned quite curly (it looks like he has a perm with some highlights).

Over the Victoria Day Long weekend, Benny went up to his friend Duke's farm. Surprise! He is a natural born swimmer. Jumped right in without any hesitation and even fetched a stick!