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Barley's Page

Our Doodle - just the facts:

Name: Barley
Sex: Female
Born: May 1, 2002 at Lovina's Farm to Queenie (with help from Bentley)
Current location: Living in Ottawa, Ontario with Shane and Brenda
Food: Eukanaba large breed puppy food
Favourite treat: Rollover lamb and rice flavour
Favourite toys: plush octopus, wooden dumbell, randomly-found sticks
Favourite activities: Going to the park, stealing stuff made of paper, sleeping, spilling her waterdish then laying in the puddle, suckling Shane's ear

At four and a half months, Barley's energy level is going through the roof. She doesn't flake out quite so quickly. Luckily, there's a very large forested park ten minutes away that allows dogs off-leash, so Barley can run to her heart's content and play with the other dogs.

An affectionate dood...in the middle of an ear nibbling session with one
of her favourite toys.

We chose our doodle at Lovina's farm on June 1 when she was just a month old. We could tell she was confident, inquisitive and her coat would likely become doodle-y. It was a big day two weeks later when we picked her up. Barley was nervous for the first hour on the long drive home to Ottawa, but many hours, several stops, and only one car sickness incident later, we arrived home.

We love that doodles have the best qualities of both retrievers and poodles. Here, Barley is 7 weeks old, and she was retrieving (sort of) by 9 weeks. Barley is now 14 weeks old and doesn't shed - we only pull a few hairs out of the bristles after brushing her.

Barley loves our yard although the garden has taken a beating since her arrival. Fortunately, there's a park nearby where dogs don't have to be leashed where there are often other dogs for her to play with.

At 11 weeks Barley is using her long body to full advantage - sometimes for good, sometimes for "evil". We figure she'll fill out to 65-70 lean pounds.

The "terrible twos" seem to have come early. Here at twelve weeks, Barley displays her love of finding and running away with anything made of paper - any kind of paper.

At 13 weeks we found Barley missing a couple of teeth - so far her chewing hasn't been too destructive, but we know the serious chewing will start soon. Fortunately, Barley loves her toys and its fairly easy to get her focussed on chewing her octopus or wooden dumbell instead of cushions, the newspaper, the rug, etc, etc.

Five months old, our girl is growing up.

after a bath with her toy

fluffy after bath

getting dry and warm

Barley & a friend

dirty girl