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Barkley P's Page

Hmm... about Barkley...

Barkley lives in New Brunswick. He's was adopted this past  September (2002) from the SPCA.   He's a year old and weighs 50 lbs, and now lives the high life with his pal Todd. He is a very quiet pup that loves to be around people and other dogs.

This is Barkley when I first adopted him, he was very shaggy and very badly matted.   I had to have my pup buzzed down.

This is Barkley about a
month after being shaved.   

He is a good sport and loves posing for pictures, especially with his cool new look

Today he decided to play in the snow! We have lots of it. Barkley loves to spend hours romping in the snow, digging and burrowing into it. He usually comes out looking like a snowball !!

My pal Barkley is the greatest

"He is My pup, he loves to dress up!!

The Dude in his new doggles!!