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Audrey's Page

Audrey lives in Toronto with Julie and Brent.    We adopted Audrey almost 4 years ago.  We had been searching for the"perfect" breed of dog to suit our family and happened upon Audrey quite by accident.  It was pretty much love at first sight!  

Audrey has been a wonderful pet.  I'm sure like other Doodles she's lovable, intelligent and goofy! She's always making us laugh.  

Audrey at

7 weeks old....

welcome home

baby girl
She LOVES people and gets extremely excited when anyone visits.  She especially likes the mailman.  She freaks out when he delivers the mail.  I guess she can't resist a man in uniform!  

3 months old

and even more

Audrey was extremely easy to train.  She was completely house trained at 4 months and learned to shake a paw in about 15 minutes!  She loves to go for walks and car rides (what dog doesn't?).  In fact, she drove across the country with us - from Toronto to Vancouver and back.

At 1 year Audrey

keeps her figure lithe

with low-fat snacks


absolutely love

our Doodle!