Pat told him of her dream to have a Guide Dog but this remained unfulfilled because of her husband's allergy to dog hair. She had heard that Standard Poodles had been trained for Guide Dog work in Australia and asked if their was any chance that this could be tried again.

Thus began the Association's quest to find more non allergic dogs which could be trained for Guide Dog work.
After a long and unsuccessful search for a suitable Standard Poodle, Harley the Standard Poodle was mated with Brandy the female Labrador Retriever with a proven ability to produce Guide Dogs.

The hope was to produce the fine temperament of the Labrador with the non shedding coat of the Poodle. The result of the union was three very cute Labradoodles, Sultan, Sheik and Simon.

Sheik and Simon did not qualify but Sultan began his Guide Dog training. Samples of hair were flown to Hawaii, and much to Pat's delight, and allergy test showed no reaction.

Pat and Sultan were trained together and formed a strong bond."

The Guide Dog Association of Australia