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Ottawa Doodle Romp 2006

We had our first romp of 2006 yesterday. What a beautiful  day - +5C - hard to believe for Ottawa in January. The good weather brought out lots of doodles - we had almost 40 in attendance!

We also had our romp sponsored by BOB FM - a local 'pet friendly' radio station. They came in the Pet Moblie with stainless steel thermal mugs for the owners and lots of treats and water for the doodles. They interviewed me on the radio on Thursday morning which was great because we were able to reach a number of doodle owners that weren't on our distribution list.

Linda Anglin

BOB FM staff
handing out mugs

BOB FM staff being swarmed by a pack of doodles (who could smell the treats in their box)


... the group to the left

...and the group to the right

see you at the next romp!