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Photo Contest

Al Gordy of Barksdale Labradoodles has worked with Deborah Comeaux from the USM Institute for Disability Studies and supports their program by donating Doods & Community Support.  Al has made us aware of their current need for a dog and says that they would either be willing to accept a donated Dood or purchase one.

This is what Deborah Comeaux is looking for:

"Regarding the service animal candidate – the dog can be up to 24 months of age, calm temperament, high trainability, good focus, people oriented, suitable for young children, sturdy build (for tethering), no aggression or fearfulness.
This candidate will be trained for a child with down’s syndrome. She is six years old and tends to wander off (even at home). In addition, the family has members with peanut allergies, diabetes, and seizure disorder. The family is apparently very active. If we are able to start with a young adult dog, we can hopefully work with and place with the family sooner.
This will be an intense and complex team formation due to the nature of the family’s needs and the number of children in the household. We will focus on the child with down’s first then determine whether we can have the service animal ‘multi-task.’ "

If you feel you can help, please contact Deborah Comeaux directly at Deborah.Comeaux@usm.edu .


Thank you for helping to contribute to our growing body of resource!  Send in your recommendations, news & fun photos and we'll be happy to add them.


 SEPTEMBER PHOTO CONTEST WINNER!     Vote for your favourite photo & help a rescue shelter!
Congratulations to Taz and owner L. Langham

$25 Donation to:
Sacramento SPCA
Sacramento, CA

 Doodle Messenger  -   Lost Dogs
The Doodle Messenger is a website where Goldendoodle and Labradoodle owners, friends and family, corporations, organizations, breeders, medical supply companies, veterinarians, groomers, and next door neighbors can come to donate for a Doodle who is in urgent medical need  -  doodlemessenger.webs.com/

LOST DOGS -  Have you seen any of these dogs?

Chiefland, FL
Rockville, MD
New York, NY
Redding, CA
St. Cloud, FL
Jefferson MD
Rts 52 - 9, Georgia

For more info (& larger photos) on these dogs, please visit - doodlemessenger.webs.com/lostandfounddoodles.htm

FOUND  -  Jamestown, North Dakota
He was a rescue dog that got frightened in a storm and got loose. He was gone for a week. We did locate him and foster mom was able to catch him. He has now been adopted and is doing great.

~ Prairie Paws Rescue~

 Doodle News    

•  October 9, 2010  -  Blue Buffalo recalls dog foods
'Blue Buffalo has recalled three varieties of its dry dog foods after researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) linked Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken to reports of elevated blood levels of Vitamin D in 16 sick dogs from 8 different states.'
Read more here -

•  October 8, 2010  -  Ludwig's Doodles are featured on CMT TV show -  Pick a Puppy
Check out Episode 4, Part Two and visit Marsha and John of Ludwig's Doodles!

•  August 14, 2010  -  Michele Reinkemeyer of Heaven Scent Paws ordered to pay back fraud victims
The civil case against Heaven Scent Paws and Michele Reinkemeyer has been decided. A judge has ordered Michele Reinkemeyer to pay back over $192,000 to the families that were scammed. Additionally, she has been ordered to cease and desist from the diabetic alert dog business.

 Health Tip
•   Garlic Valley Farms   -   Garlic for Human and Dog Health  (thanks to Linda from Timshell Farm for sending this in)
'Numerous medical studies show how garlic juice reduces cholesterol and helps the heart.
Worldwide people take garlic pills, eat garlic cloves and spray garlic juice on food for good health.

For dogs it does even more:
1. Keeps dogs from having worms and gets rid of worms that are there.
2. Keeps fleas and ticks off dogs by getting into the dog's system and creating a garlic odor that fleas and ticks detect and avoid the dog altogether.
3. Reduces a dog's cholesterol level for good heart function.'
Read more on the Garlic Valley Farms website :


 A Dood For All Seasons
• New addition to Summer :    Ozzie & Sue -  A Great Weekend


 Canine Cancer Campaign  
"The "K9 Cancer Walk" is a fund raising effort benefiting the Morris Animal Foundation's Canine Cancer Campaign. The Canine Cancer Campaign is a focused, targeted effort to raise $30 million to funds which will support 10-15 years of canine cancer research studies with the goal of finding a cure for canine cancer."

'Join the K9 Cancer Walk effort.
Make a donation, attend a K9 Cancer Walk, or host a walk in your home town!'

Find out more about the K9 Cancer Walks in your area  :

 Connor's House
The mission of Connor's House is to support children with complex health care needs, together with their families, by creating a community of support that helps them to embrace each day and live life to its fullest.

Holiday Cards - On Sale Now

Sibshops Facilitator Training - October 22-23, 2010
Inaugural Sibshops Event - October 23, 2010
Philadelphia Challenge - November 21, 2010

Visit Connor's House at     http://www.connorshouse.org/

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